The League of Old Continent Nations

LOCN is currently in development. The following nations are the 'preliminary members' (in alphabetical order):

Armatirion, including the Region of Sylvian
BWA Territory
Eastern Zartania
Northern Gronk

Other eligable member-nations of LOCN are:

New Aquitania

These have not yet joined the LOCN-talks, but are welcome to do so.

The talks have so far resulted in the following concrete proposals for statutes (discussions over them are not included here):

From Armatirion:
LOCNs aim will be to launch and enforce international laws and/or regulations to ensure that peace and harmony will prevail on our continent.
[Initial proposal for LOCN]

From Northern Gronk:
1. LOCN is a regional organization of Old Continent nations.
2. Members of LOCN could be any nation willing that is sovereign on the territory of the Old Continent and surrounding islands.
3. Guest status could be granted to semi-independant territories.
4. The aim of LOCN is to promote and support regional cooperation of the member countries.
5. LOCN supports non-violent conflict solutions. LOCN enchourages its members to such actions.
6. Members of LOCN fully retain their independance and sovereignity. LOCN is not a political/military alliance - it is a forum for solving common problems and enchancement of multilatery cooperation.

From Eastern Zartania:

Proposed Statutes Concerning the Formation of the LOCN


1. The LOCN membership must be restricted to only those nations whose mainland resides on the Old Continent. Nations having colonies or outlying territory on or near the Old Continent may send representatives as observers, but may not take an active part in the actual proceedings of the organizations. Only actual LOCN members may vote on items during proceedings.
2. The member-states of the LOCN must agree to renounce the use of warfare as a method for solving disputes between members. The LOCN is dedicated to the pursuit of peaceful solutions to international disputes.
3. All member-states of the LOCN shall retain full sovereignty and jurisdiction over their internal affairs. The LOCN shall in no way be used to coerce, undermine, or subvert the internal government policies or politics of its member-states. All members of the LOCN shall agree to refrain from such interfering on a national level as well.
4. The LOCN will support and aid the mutual cooperation of nations of the Old Continent in regards to trade relations, international economics, humanitarian efforts, etc.
5. Any nation deemed to be acting against the goals of the LOCN and against its stated principles and guidelines, may be removed from the league, to be readmitted at a later date through compliance with the stated guidelines and principles. Likewise, any nation which feels that its needs are not being met by the LOCN, or that the league is ignoring its obligations, may voluntarily withdraw from the league. Re-admitance of such a nation will be left to the discretion of the LOCN members.


1. The LOCN shall guarantee and preserve the territorial integrity of all member-nations. An attack upon one shall be perceived as an attack upon all. This would create a military alliance between member-states of the LOCN. The Kingdom would be willing to accept this item as a supplementary part of the LOCN. Any LOCN members wishing to join could do so, but would not be required to do so. A division or subsidiary of the LOCN could be established to handle this aspect of the organization. The alliance would be for defensive purposes only. This aspect would also allow for the creation of a multi-national military force under an LOCN appointed commander and general staff, which could be used to intervene on behalf of member-states' governments in order to suppress rebellion, help keep order in time of internal distress, etc.
2. The LOCN shall help regulate and open trade between member-states on a reciprocal most-favored-nation status. This would create an economic alliance between member-states. Again, the Kingdom is willing to see this aspect added as a subsidiary of the LOCN: open for those who wish to partake, but not required.
3. The LOCN general body shall be allowed to formulate and interpret international laws to apply to the interactions between members states. Such laws would be considered binding by all members, and enforcable by the above-mentioned military aspect of the LOCN. This aspect is tied irrevocably to the approval of Suggestion #1.
4. The bylaws and statues of the LOCN shall be open to amendment and addition by consent of the member-states. Details to be determined later.