Resolution #1:

The Security Council hereby condemns any use of military force in the Wwww-conflict and urges the involved parts to solve their conflict peacefully. The Security Council also urges other nations to not interfere in the conflict.

The vote results were as following:

YES: Caboteniasa Drinomar Islandia Christiana Eastern Zartania Whitlam Westria.

NO: none.

ABSTAIN: none.

Resolution #2:

The UNV Security Council condemns the actions of The State of Ordland in their attack on Joos/Gius Island. Whilst the status of Joos was always unclear, The State of Ordland has acted out of order, and is in violation of the UNV Charter. The UNV SC demands that the State of Ordland withdraw troops from Joos/Gius.

The UNV SC resolves to:
1 - Bring peacekeepers in to stabilise the area.
2 - To conduct a referrendum on the island of Joos/Gius in the traditional method, with the assistance of the ANNV.

As a result of the resolution moved being carried, the State of Ordland must withdraw all military hardware from the island, and follow the resolution reached.