These are the nations that currently hold full membership of the UNV:

The Praetoriate of Drinomar

Republic of Islandia

Great Nations of Leiputria

Kingdom of Christiana

Kingdom of Eastern Zartania

Sempervirens Republic

Republic of Bowdani

State of Ordland

Free Nation of Westria

Federal Republic of Whitlam

Republic of Ulanova

New Akitania

Lexicon Islands

The Directorate of Draconia

United Kingdom of Caboteniasa

Lamb's Cove and the Southern Plantations

Kingdom of Danica

Ferratus Directorate

Kingdom of Altland

Federal Republic of Brolecia

Republic of Neoliliana

San Patricio


City State of Phoenix Town

Eastern Delgamia


These nations have observer status:

TDCorp (Otago)

Maritmian Islands

The Watts and Mealing Territories

Independent Westrian Kukuria

Constitutional Monarchy of Morania

Cooperative Commonwealth of the Union of Northern Gronk

Federal Estontetsan Republic

Federation of Kalesthia

Federated Republic of Ancalda

Federated States of Dascunya

Isles of St. Kilda

Principality of Rosardan

Republic of Armatirion

Republic of Davenport

State of Angliyaa

Tribal Theocracy of Kiltanland

San Docetan