United Nations of Vexillum Committee on Collapsed Nations.


Mission to Merité.

"Operation Tranquil Transition."

Operation Tranquil Transition was launched on 26 December, 298, with forces from 7 nations uniting to maintain peace and stability throughout the nation formerly known as Merité, and its colonial possession, New Merité. Troops and administrative staff came from Bowdani, Ferratus Directorate, Free Confederacy of Lendian Republics, Republic of Ordland, Westria, The Federal Republic of Whitlam, and the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania. This multi-national force was rapidly deployed, and we now seek to bring about a peaceful transition of power into the hands of the inhabitants of both Merité, and New Merité. Each nation has been allocated a zone, or sector, to control in either Merité, or New Merité, and they will remain until the transition of power is complete, with some nations facing the possiblilty of leaving before others from their administrative capacity. The maps of the Sectors are located below, with Merité on the left, and New Merité on the right.

Meritéan Sectors. New Meritéan Zones of Control.

Troop Deployment will be as follows.
Merité  New Merité
In accordance with UNVCOCN Regulations, flags for use on Merité, and New Merité are shown below, with explainations, and conditions of use.
UNV "Operation Tranquil Transition" flag, for use on Merité ONLY.
With the Meritéan flag in the Canton, and a stylised version of the Meritéan coast, turned 45 Degrees, made up of stars containing the colours of the 7 participating nations, (in order: Bowdani, Ferrata, FCLR, Ordland, Westria, Whitlam, Eastern Zartania), on a white field symbolising the peaceful objective, this flag is not to be used in New Merité, due to the colonial overtones of the Meritéan flag. All local presses in Merité have been notified of the flag, and the knowlege that it is a UNVCOCN flag is widespread.
UNV "Operation Tranquil Transition" Flag for use on New Merité.
Quite similar to the above flag, this one contains the UNV Flag in the Canton, instead of the Meritéan one. Its dimensions are also changed to suit the dimensions of the 2:3 UNV flag more suitably. The public of New Merité are also familiar with the flag, with less accessable areas recieving leaflet drops and radio transmissions.
More details on "Operation Tranquil Transition" will follow as the committee completes its work. Talks have already begun with some major groups in New Merité over the future of the land.

Séamus O'Dea.

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