United Nations of Vexillum Committee on Collapsed Nations.

Flags of UNVCOCN.
UNV Flag.
Flag of the UNV.
Flag of the UNVCOCN Peacekeeping Forces.
Flag of the peacekeeping troops of the UNVCOCN.
UNV Flag in the canton, with a gold dove holding an olive branch in the fly, with the letters UNVCOCN underneath.. The white field symbolises the UNVCOCN objective of peace for the peoples of Vexillum. May also be used on buildings serving UNVCOCN purposes.
Flag of naval units on UNVCOCN business.
Naval Flag of the UNVCOCN.
Flag to be flown by naval vessels working on UNVCOCN duties. Same image as other UNVCOCN flags, with a white dove on this occasion, and a red field.
Flag of Air units working on UNVCOCN business.
Flag of Air units working on UNVCOCN business.
Same motif again, this time with a sky blue field, symbolising an air force. To be flown over all air bases used in UNVCOCN activities. The UNV logo is to be fixed to aircraft used on missions over the national roundel when the aircraft is performing UNV duties.

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