Available territory

If you've found this page, you're a potentially new player on the planet Vexillium. Congratulations. You're up to the part where you select what territory you wish to "own". It's pretty straight-forward.

The image below displays the available territory on the planet Vexillium.

The black-with-white-border districts are available territory. The RED circular-shaped districts are those which represent a major, named city. You are, of course, permitted to create as many new cities in your new nation as you so desire. These cities are just pre-existing and should be retained by new players.

As a beginning player, you will be offered the option of selecting up to twenty districts to make up your nation.

You may make the ultimate shape of your nation however you would like, with two small caveats:
* Coastline is precious, for without it future players will end-up with landlocked countries. Restrict your coastal land-grabs.
* Cities (the red districts) are also few and far-between, therefore, only one per player.
As always, these rules can be relaxed, at the discretion of the Director, but rarely.

Vexillium is not a competition. There is no need to race to making the largest possible nation. On Vexillium, just as in life, size doesn't matter. It doesn't win you more respect on the planet, or accolades. Creativity and imagination can be just as easily displayed by a city-state as a Russia-size nation.

That said, you are free to choose up to twenty districts, though in special circumstances, at the Director's discretion, more may be made available if the player can show undeniable necessity.  ;-)

There is no obligation to restrict national borders to the make-up of these districts; they are a guide, but a useful guide to providing interesting national boundaries. You can define your own borders entirely independently of this "districts" process, but only equivalent to the territorial area of twenty districts.

There is also no obligation to retain these districts in ANY WAY in the make-up of the nation. They are only there to help establish your nation's initial territorial allocation fairly and not as a long-term... anything. They have no historical basis, and are only to help select land and establish borders.

This is a 150kb image; please be patient

What now?

Save the map above, open your local copy in MS Paint (which can open and save GIFs, if you're using a modern Windows) or any other picture editor you care to name, and start shading-in with another colour the black districts you wish to claim as your territorial allotment, to define your new nation's borders. Then email it to the Vexillium Director.

Points will be deducted for returning the image in BMP format, and please also try to keep the size of the file below about 100kb. You might trim the graphic so it's just showing enough of the original for the Director to be able to figure out what districts and where they are on the map that you're claiming.

The Director will then assess your claim and get back to you.

An example of nations possible

An example of possible nations (36kb)


Any questions, direct them to the guy you've been conversing with all along; the Director.

Mike Ham
Vexillium Director